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Genaire Limited manufactures and overhauls various pallets designed to fit many Aircraft with a 463L restraint system. Genaire Limited has been manufacturing pallets for over 25 years and takes pride in our workmanship when constructing our pallets. The pallets are manufactured to provide superior durability with no risk of delamination and increased integrity and puncture resistance.

Genaire Limited uses only the best material to ensure consistent quality.




A/C Type


1670-21-906-3424 Honeycomb Core Cargo Pallet 88”x108” C130



  USAF Medical Pallet 8 Track 88”x108” C-17


1670-20-000-7617 DND VIP Seat Pallet 4 Track 88”x108” C130



  SPAF Medical Evac Pallet 4 Track 88”x125”  


  SPAF Medical Pallet 8 Track 108”x108”  


  USAF Seat Pallet 4 Track 88”x108” C130


  RNZAF Seat Pallet 6 Track 88”x108” C130

SK338 Honeycomb Core Cargo Pallet 88”x108” 

If the Department of National Defence Canada is moving any type of air cargo, chances are it’s on one of our pallets. Genaire Limited SK338 has been the primary aircraft cargo pallet utilized for all air movements of cargo by the Department of National Defence Canada since the late 1980’s. Since then, Genaire has been manufacturing, repairing and overhauling aluminum pallets.

We have designed and patented an aluminum honeycomb core pallet (SK338), which because of its unique all aluminum core construction, eliminates core degradation from moisture ingress that is inherent in balsa core pallets. Its 0.090 thick aluminum 7075-T6 bottom sheet provides exceptional strength to prevent damage during loading and off-loading.

Patented aluminum honeycomb core pallet that can be repaired over and over!

SK416 USAF Medical Evacuation Pallet 88”x108”

Unfortunately, from time to time we have to make a product we hope won’t be used very often. However, in 2006 Genaire was tasked with the design and manufacture of the Arinc/Field Medical Evac Pallet. This pallet is specially designed for aero medical evacuation of injured personnel. Times of war or natural disaster cause our military to jump into action and take great risk, and we are beyond proud of the pallet we’ve developed to allow them to do this good work.

This pallet incorporates an 8 track system flush mounted to the top surface, which allows the multiuse reconfigurable medical support system to be attached. The system allows the attachment for at least one litter stanchion set and medical support personnel seats. The upper surface of the pallet is covered with anti-slip coating to prevent slippage due to fluids.

Allows for safe transport of sick and injured personnel in cargo aircrafts!

SK442 DND VIP Seating Pallet

SK442 DND VIP Seating Pallet 88”x108”

Used exclusively by the Department of National Defence Canada for VIP seating configuration. The flush mounted tracks on the surface of the pallet allow multiuse configuration of VIP seating and Troop seating. The upper surface is covered with anti-slip coating to eliminate slipping hazards.

Seating configuration for 10 – 15 seats!

SK485 SPAF Medical Evacuation Pallet 88”x125”

Specifically designed for the Spanish Air Force (SPAF) for use of Aero Medical evacuation of injured personnel. The top surface, as all medical platforms, is covered with anti-slip coating which includes 4 tracks that are flush mounted. The 4 tracks allow a multitude of configurations to meet the mission requirements.

SK528 USAF Seating Pallet 88”x108”

Seating pallet used by United States Air Forces (USAF). The 4 track system enables users to configure the seating pallet to meet mission requirements.

SK560 RNZAF Seating Pallet 88”x108”

Seating pallet used by Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF). Top surface utilizes 6 flush mounted tracks to attach seats for troop transport.

SK643 Pallet Stacker  NSN 3990-20-008-5204

The pallet stacker was manufactured initially for the Department of National Defence. The stacker is used at the Air Force base to segregate unserviceable pallets requiring repair and overhaul. This sorting and segregation prevents the buildup of cargo loads on an unserviceable asset causing unnecessary delays.

The SK643 Pallet stacker is designed to fit standard 108 x 88 air cargo pallets, but could be made in various sizes.  The vertical posts are flared to self-align the pallets, and will accommodate up to 20 in one stacker. There is forklift access cut outs for ease of loading/unloading.

This stacker could also be used to store and prevent damage to serviceable pallets not in use or pending loading.

Used to stack the SK338 Honeycomb Core Cargo Pallet!

Bumper Boards

Engineered and built by Genaire, the lightweight aluminum constructed Bumper Board protects the rear door of a C-130 aircraft from towmotor fork damage during loading and unloading. Plus, the highly visible design aids the forklift driver to position the pallet.

Protect the rear door of the C-130 aircraft while loading pallets!