From its humble beginnings in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario to one of the most trusted aerospace manufacturers in Canada, Genaire Limited provides high-quality manufacturing, repair and overhaul expertise to a diverse customer base, building client confidence through communication, trust, integrity and safety.

But our success didn’t happen overnight.

Genaire was built over years of dedication, spanning three generations of a family’s persistence and the pursuit of excellence.

The business may have changed over time, but our values always remained the same. We began doing business not only with the government but also with other aerospace companies, small operators, and even commercial airlines, as we found a niche where we could be of service.

More than seven decades of growth and repeat business could not be achieved without a highly qualified and motivated team of employees that dates all the way back to our grandfather and his team. Since the beginning, we have always been a strong family-owned company that prides ourselves on having the right people in the right positions to assist our customers in achieving their goals.


News Roundup

Aircraft, 1951

Genaire to Develop Airport


City's Money Goes into Improving Federal Property

Standard, 1956

Genaire Puchased Former Military Camp Building

Niagara Advance, October 23, 1958

Progress, November 1960

Genaire's First Decade

Aircraft, Canada’s Aero Trade Magazine, October 1961

Genaire 10th Anniversary Ad

Aircraft, Canada’s Aero Trade Magazine, October 1961

Genaire Coninually Adjusting to TImes

Standard, March 12, 1963

Genaire Gets Contract to Manufacture Most of World's Plane Skis

Standard, October 6, 1964

Daily Montreal Flights

Standard, 1966

Playing Poker from the Sky

The Globe and Mail, May 12, 1969

Sectionalized Jet Engine is Fine Piece of Workmanship by Genaire


Firefighters Battle Blaze

The Niagara Advance, 1971

Nose Jobs for Jets - Genaire Expands Operations

Standard, July 31, 1972

Electronics Testing Tower

Standard, 1972

Magazine Clipping - Challenger Flies

Canadian Aviation, December, 1978

Pallet Design from Bees


Genaire Float in Parade


Genaire Skis a Success


Off to Antarctica


An All-Canadian Company


Flying To Antarctica

May, 1986

Wages of War - Pallet Article

Standard, October 3, 1994

Rescue Flight Leaves South Pole

Standard, June 23, 2016