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twin otter hydraulic wheel skis

Genaire manufactures the Twin Otter Hydraulic Wheel Skis that operate on both hard surfaces or ice and snow in the harshest cold climate locations in the world. Our hydraulically operated wheel skis are self-trimming skis during flight and are manufactured to use a rigging system of cables, links and shock units. Genaire offers a full repair and overhaul service as well as OEM parts for our Twin Otter Hydraulic Wheel Skis. Genaire can fully support this product for many years to come.

The Twin Otter Hydraulic wheel skis offer several benefits over traditional board skis on a Twin Otter aircraft:

  1. Improved performance on snow and ice-covered runways: Hydraulic wheel skis are specifically designed to provide improved performance on snow and ice-covered runways. They provide greater flotation and better traction than board skis, allowing the aircraft to take off and land on shorter runways and in more challenging conditions.
  2. Increased safety: The use of hydraulic wheel skis can increase safety by allowing the aircraft to take off and land on snow and ice-covered runways with greater control and stability. They reduce the risk of hydroplaning and skidding, which can be dangerous during takeoff and landing.
  3. Reduced maintenance: Hydraulic wheel skis are typically easier to maintain than board skis. They are less prone to wear and tear, and they require less frequent maintenance and replacement.
  4. Increased cargo capacity: Hydraulic wheel skis take up less space than board skis, which allows the aircraft to carry more cargo.
  5. Reduced weight: Hydraulic wheel skis typically weigh less than board skis, which results in a reduction in weight and fuel consumption.
  6. Enhanced versatility: The use of hydraulic wheel skis allows the Twin Otter aircraft to operate in a wider range of environments, including snow and ice-covered runways.

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Repair and Overhaul 

Twin Otter wheel skis can take a beating on the ice. As the OEM of this product, Genaire is the only authorized repair facility capable of inspecting and testing fully to Manufacturer requirements.  

Genaire Limited offers full repair and overhaul services for Twin Otter Hydraulic wheel skis. All assemblies are tested and inspected to the latest modification and specifications. Overhaul consists of the following:


  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Complete strip down and clean
  3. Inspect structures for cracks and damage
  4. NDT all relevant components
  5. Repair or replace any necessary parts
  6. Reassemble ski
  7. Hydraulic Cycle Test
  8. Lubricate
  9. Paint


Building something that is made to take a punishment requires sound engineering and a rigorous belief in quality. Our hydraulic wheel skis have taken the Twin Otter to some of the harshest cold climate locations in the world and provided a safe and reliable way to land and take off no matter the conditions. The Twin Otter’s versatility and maneuverability coupled with the Genaire hydraulically actuated wheel ski makes landing on unprepared snow or ice a reality and has allowed for new exploration, military support and rescue missions. 

Since 1986, Genaire has been manufacturing skis with a “wheel through” design which allows for the selection of either a ski landing or a normal wheel landing depending on conditions.

When landing on skis the aircraft’s hydraulic system actuates a sling on each ski, drawing it down under the wheel creating the flat ski surface.

    Skis in Action

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