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Genaire Limited offers comprehensive Ground Support services. We have been servicing aircraft support equipment for over 60 years satisfying customers with our quality workmanship and expertise.

We provide fast turn around times for all ground support equipment. We specialize in all makes and models of jacks, towbars, boarding ladders, and maintenance stands to support various types of aircraft.


  • Aircraft GSE Repair and Maintenance
  • Jack Load Testing & Certification
  • Overhaul / Refurbishment
  • Ground Support Equipment and Parts Sales
  • Repaint

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Repair and Overhaul 

Genaire Limited understands that your equipment such as aviation jacks, cowl pumps and maintenance stands are significant components to your operations. There is never a good time for equipment breakdowns. We understand that fast and professional GSE repair service is a must.

Our team of experienced technicians disassemble and diagnose any issues with ground support equipment before providing customers with a full estimate of replacement parts and work required. Once approved our technicians will replace any necessary parts and fully recondition your asset to like new condition including any required testing.

Our sales team is in constant communications with our customers to ensure they are kept up to date on the repairs. We have a technical staff that understands your problems and can offer technical assistance.

For a fully refurbished like new look we have certified painters on site that can repaint equipment in any colour upon request.

Servicing Leading Name Brands

  • Columbus Jack
  • Tronair
  • Regent
  • Malabar
  • Champ Industries
  • Enerpac
  • KWD
  • Techman-Head
  • and more

Authorized Columbus Jack Distributor and Service Center

Our team is ready to help set up your flight operation with Columbus Jack equipment. Our GSE team can also assist with support, spare parts, repairs, overhauls, and warranty repairs. Contact our team for a quote.


Load testing procedures are used to ensure that the jacks meet specifications called up in the OEM manual and that they are functioning properly and can safely support the maximum weight capacity.

The load testing procedure typically involves placing a known weight on the jack and then gradually increasing the load until the maximum weight capacity of the jack is reached. It is then held for a period of time specified by the manufacturer. The jack is monitored for any loss of pressure then lowered and inspected for any signs of damage or failure, inspected and certified and prepared for return to the customer.

Benefits of load testing and proper OEM required certification include:

  • Ensuring the safe operation of the jack and the safety of personnel working on the aircraft
  • Identifying any defects or damage in the jack before it is used to support any aircraft or component
  • Early identification of any potential issues or improper use that may result in costly repairs in the future

It is important to note that load testing should only be performed by qualified personnel, and all safety precautions should be followed during the testing process.

Most jack manufacturer indicate routine testing and re-certification at specific intervals. Genaire can provide tracking and notification of when recertification is due on any jack that is repaired or certified under our maintenance program.


While the safety of the pilot is critical, the ground crew also need a safe working environment. At Genaire we design and manufacture a complete line of Maintenance Stands to take care of the ground crew’s safety.

All our stands are coated with chemical resistant coating (CARC) to protect the surfaces. Safety features include kick plates, positive safety locks, hand rails and bumpers.

Our three main stands are:

B-1 Stand (1730-21-805-2269) is a 3ft-12ft stand with removable upper handrails to enable the stand to be configured for use as boarding stairs. To stabilize the stand during use, integral screw down outriggers are deployed.

B-4 Stand (1730-21-805-1524) is a 3ft-7ft hydraulic scissor action type stand complete with easy access ladder. Features include removable handrails and kick plates. 

B-5 Stand (1730-21-805-1525) is a 7ft-12ft hydraulic scissor action type stand similar to the B-4 stand with the extended height leg section.

    The SK-410 F-18 Boarding Ladder (NSN 1730-21-906-4041) is not your typical ladder.

    This boarding ladder, with its lightweight aluminum foldable construction, features wheels to easily maneuver the ladder in and out of position quickly.

    CARC paint protects the surfaces from chemical and biological weapons and the ladder has protection bumpers in any location where the ladder may come in contact with the aircraft.

    Custom variations of this ladder have been designed for our customers to meet mission requirements, such as a double ladder for the ground crew to aid in pilot extraction from the aircraft and are manufactured upon request.