July 17, 2018
New Quality Manager

Genaire has a strong, nearly 70-year history of delivering quality, innovative products with a reputation for reliability. Meeting the demands of the aerospace industry is a big challenge. Quality standards are exacting and require solid experience and knowledge.

Genaire Limited is proud to announce that they have hired Michael Page to take on the Quality Assurance and PRM duties at Genaire Limited. His responsibilities will include ensuring Genaire’s high standards for safety and quality are met, along with maintaining compliance with Transport Canada Regulations and all other applicable regulatory agencies.

Michael brings with him many years of experience with a strong foundation in Quality Assurance in the aerospace industry. Mike was also previously Genaire’s Operations Manager from 2004 until 2012 before leaving to pursue other endeavours.

“With Mike back on the team, we have every confidence that our quality standards will evolve and continually improve under his direction.” stated Chris Warner, Operations Manager at Genaire Limited.

Michael had this to say, “I’m glad to be back with Genaire and working with a lot of the same good people. When Melissa and Chris approached me about this new role I immediately said yes; excited to help them in any way I could to achieve the successes I know we can have. I look forward to building on Genaire’s history of quality and innovation while refining our processes and procedures to deliver a great customer experience in addition to a great product.”

Mike will also be overseeing the company’s security requirements and controlled goods program.