February 4, 2024
Genaire Limited Secures Contract to Manufacture SK338 Cargo Pallet for the Department of National Defense Canada

Canada, January 29, 2024 — Genaire Limited is thrilled to announce its recent success in securing a Contract awarded by the Government of Canada for the manufacture of the SK338 Cargo Pallet.

This is an entirely Genaire Limited designed and manufactured pallet with an light weight all aluminum core.  The SK338 was designed as a replacement for the HCU-6/E pallet for use in C-130 Hercules aircraft.  The Genaire Pallet meets or exceeds all specifications making it interchangeable with the HCU-6/E pallet, including the approved restraint systems allowing the Canadian Military to efficiently transport cargo whenever the need arises.

 Genaire Limited has a long history supporting the Department of National Defense Canada and have been manufacturing the SK338 Cargo Pallet for Canada since the 1980’s when it was adopted as DND’s primary Cargo pallet.    The Genaire team is hard at work and production is in full swing to fulfil the current contract.  We eagerly anticipate extending our collaborative partnership with the Government of Canada to meet the evolving operational requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces though, not only manufacture, but also continued repair and overhaul of SK338 Cargo Pallets. 

Having proudly supported the CAF for over 73 years, Genaire Limited acknowledges the important contributions of our exceptional staff located in Niagara. Their superb engineering and technical talent have been instrumental in our ability to innovate and excel.  Fully prepared to meet the challenges of the modern CAF, we remain dedicated to the Canadian Armed Forces, today and into the future.

About Genaire Limited Mission–Canada: As we celebrate 73 years of excellence, Genaire Limited remains steadfast in its mission to deliver unparalleled aerospace manufacturing and repair services, playing a crucial role in Canada and globally.

Contact Information:

Anthony Gigliotti
Business Development Manager
Genaire Limited