Aircraft Radome Repair and Overhaul

Genaire is experienced in the repair and overhaul of most types of aircraft radomes, both military and civilian. We have facilities for stripping, sanding, hot bonding, wet lay-up, and curing as well as a spray shop to apply the specialized coatings and erosion boots. This work is carried out in accordance with TCCA AMO 8-64, Repair of Composite Structures. Genaire’s unique radar transmission efficiency testing facility is used as a means of qualifying radomes repaired internally as well as radomes repaired by other facilities. This facility is complete with a remote radar transmitter and computerized radar receiver.

Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair and Overhaul

Genaire carries out inspection, repair and overhaul of both military and civilian (in accordance with TCCA AMO 8-64) fuel cells that are used in several aircraft models (e.g. F-18, Sea King, C-130, Buffalo, Twin Otter, Griffon and Tutor). All work is done in a specially designed climate controlled facility, by trained technicians, certified in our process of testing and repair. Genaire has developed proprietary testing methods that include an inspection technique using fluorescent JP5 aviation fuel.

Air Cargo Pallet Repair and Overhaul

Genaire repairs and overhauls the Air Cargo Pallet (NSN 1670-21-906-3423), and VIP Seating Pallet (NSN 1670-20-000-7617) utilizing technicians experienced in the repair and overhaul of both aluminum and balsa core pallets.

Non-Destructive Testing

Genaire has facilities to carry out a wide variety of non destructive tests, including Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Ultrasonic Inspection (UT). Genaire's NDT technicians are fully certified and approved by Transport Canada (under TCCA AMO 8-64) and Canada's Department of National Defence.