Genaire Cargo Pallets

In 1988 the company developed and secured a patent for an aluminum honeycomb core air cargo pallet (P/N SK338). To date we have manufactured and sold over 3500 pallets, approved to TSO-C90c for the Canadian and International market.

NSN: 1670-21-906-3423


Genaire has recently designed this exclusive Pallet Stacker (SK643) that can hold up to 20 Cargo Pallets of the SK338 and keep them secure and safe from tipping. Support beams can be inserted for ease of lifting and moving to another location when required.


NSN: 3990-20-008-5204

Arinc Medical Pallets

Genaire is the exclusive manufacturer of the Arinc Medical Pallet (P/N SK416), a pallet designed by Genaire that acts as a medical transport system for use in C17 military aircraft.



VIP Seating Pallets

Genaire is the exclusive manufacturer of the VIP Seating Pallet (P/N SK442), a removable seating platform that adds comfortable personnel transport capabilities to C130 Hercules aircraft.

NSN: 1680-21-920-1543



Twin Otter Aircraft Skis

Genaire has exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture hydraulic wheel skis (P/N 258-24002-11, 258-24002-12, 258-24003-1) for the Twin Otter aircraft, including the new S400 currently manufactured by Viking Aerospace. In addition, we have the capabilities to repair and overhaul (in accordance with TCCA AMO 8-64) the skis as well as provide spare parts for our customers that include Canada's Department of National Defence and various commercial entities.

NSN: 1630-21-869-2583, 1630-21-869-2584, 1630-21-869-2588

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C130 Snatch Block Assemblies

Genaire has designed and manufactures Snatch Block Assemblies (P/N SK407) for use in C130 Hercules Aircraft.

NSN: 3940-21-914-4343



CF18 Boarding Ladders

Genaire is the designer and manufacturer of the CF18 Boarding Ladder (P/N SK410).

NSN: 1730-21-812-9142



Cargo Containers


Genaire is the designer and manufacturer of a robust Cargo Container (P/N SK450) available in many colours with removable castors, removable/adjustable shelving, and a double door entry from either side with removable door posts making it suitable for many different Mission Kits”


Drawings 3-D Models

Genaire using 3-D software can assist customers in designing to specific requirements providing an “e-Drawings” like the

CF-18 Cockpit Ladder (follow the link to experience a trial).