Genaire - An All-Canadian Company

Genaire Limited celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011. This highly versatile organization was brought into being by a few individuals with aviation backgrounds who were anxious to enter business on their own.

Gerry Wooll, shown below on the left, was an original director of the company. Pictured with him on the right is Harry Picken, also an original director.

Set-up of the facilities took place at Niagara District Airport in a war-time built hangar. This original facility, where Genaire's Head office is still located, comprises some 25,000 square feet of work space.

In 1958 more space was needed for Genaire's operation so the company purchased a former Canadian Army transport building at Niagara-on-the-Lake. This facility provided an additional 10,000 square feet of space where the company could concentrate its repair and overhaul of flexible, rubber type fuel cells and floats for the Canadian Armed Forces and commercial operators.

1959 saw the set up and commencement of Genaire's Non-Destructive Testing facility. This is a critical aspect of Genaire's operation in today's industry.

In 1972 Genaire set up a complete repair and transmission efficiency testing facility for airborne radomes. The company is equipped to handle radomes from King Air to Boeing 707 and Aurora aircraft, and has engaged in a limited production of radomes and dopplers. This facility is fully approved by Transport Canada to TCCA AMO 8-64.

From a modest beginning, Genaire has expanded its business and facilities for maintenance, overhaul, repair and engineering to the aviation industry. From the outset the company was equipped to provide aircraft service to owners and operators in the Niagara Peninsula area. Genaire was fortunate to receive government contracts which enabled the company to expand its work force's size and technical expertise. Genaire still enjoys a substantial volume of repair and overhaul of Canadian Armed Forces equipment.

Genaire currently employs 50+ people, and is unique in its field of repair, overhaul, modification and testing of an extensive variety of aircraft components.